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EIGER Samsung Galaxy S21+ Display-Glas antibakteriell 2.5D Eiger Mountain Glass+


CHF 29.90

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  • Fits toSamsung > Galaxy S21+


The Eiger Mountain Glass+ screen protectors offer the same features and benefits like our standard 2.5D or 3D fit screen protectors but come with an additional value! During the production of the screen protection glass, a anti-microbial technology gets embedded directly into the glass itself. This anti-micorbial layer kills 99.9% of all known surface bacteria and even offers an anti-fungial effect aswell. Like this, the surface you probably touch most on a daily base will be kept clean and safe.

Anti-microbial technology

99.9% of all known surface bacteria are getting killed and the processing offers an anti-fungial effect aswell.

Long-lasting protection against germs

The anti-microbial effect does not come from a coating, that wear out while using your phone ! It is processed directly into the glass intself and therefore offers a long-lasting protection for the whole lifecycle of your screen protection glass.

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